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The Buncombe County Land Records Department is a link between the Register of Deeds Office and County Offices that require current property ownership information and graphic representation of the property associated with the ownership record.

The Buncombe County Land Records Office maintains and updates the property ownership maps used by the Tax Office in Buncombe County. The Land Records Office processes changes in ownership and property line information based on deeds and plats recorded with the Register of Deeds Office. To contact a mapper with questions concerning how property is mapped, acreage discrepancies, or property ownership select Mapping Questions from the list on the left.

The Mappers/GIS technicians on staff are state certified by the North Carolina Land Records Department and maintain this certification by continuing education hours. We offer a variety of services and products to the public. To view a list of products we offer and related costs visit our Services section.

To access Land Records forms needed to request a merge of property, split property out by a survey description, or to request a name change from a deceased owner please visit the Online Forms section.

You may view Mapping information (GIS) online. To view maps and ownership  the GIS (Geographic Information System) database can be accessed from this link.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Map information which includes property lines, flood plains (provided by FEMA), road names and the newest orthophotography (pictures of the land flown   in 2002) along with ownership information can be viewed and printed from this site.

If there are any questions about the GIS system please contact the GIS Help Desk at 250-6860 or by email at

To learn more about the services within Land Records, select a topic from the list on the left.

Note: All ownership records and land information is billed by the Tax Office as it was on January 1 of each year. The information on the website is the latest and best information available to our office.