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Healthy Tip - This St. Patrick's Day, Celebrate Green in a Different Way

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon Even those without a drop of Irish blood celebrate St. Paddy's Day with green food, green clothes - green everything! This year, celebrate green on March 17 in a different way.

"Going Green" has become the slogan for doing things that are healthier for the environment. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day - help your town stay green, & for yourself - eat smart and move more:

  • If you live close to work or school, walk or ride a bike on March 17
  • Sign up for a carpool for work or for your child's school
  • Participate in a St. Paddy's Day fun run or walk
  • Cook several green vegetables for dinner instead of corned beef and cabbage
  • Buy your produce and/or meats from a local farmer. Most foods travel thousands of miles before reaching the grocery store. That's a lot of fuel saved and pollution prevented if we all bought locally.
  • Help clean up litter from the green spaces in your neighborhood or along the roads you travel to work. You'll get some exercise while making your town a prettier place.