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Bicycle Suitability Layer Now Available

Through a partnership with the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, the Asheville Bicycle Racing Club and AB-Tech Community College we would like to announce the addition of a bicycle suitability layer to the Healthy Living Map.

What does it do?

The bicycle suitability layer assigns most of Buncombe County's main thoroughfares to one of four categories: green(most suitable for biking), yellow, red and black(least suitable). The Blue Ridge Parkway is also shown in blue. Please note that the index refers only to a routes suitability for bicycling due to vehicular traffic. It does not categorizes how strenuous a ride might be.

This addition to the Healthy Living Map has been many years in the making starting with surveys and ground work done by the Bicycle Club. Those routes were updated by students in the A-B Tech GIS Certificate program and Buncombe County is happy to make them available to you.

For more information on other groups that have contributed to this effort over the years as well as other projects to make Asheville more bike and pedestrian friendly visit the Asheville Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force website.

Visit the GIS website.