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Watching your County Dollars

To enhance accountability, Buncombe County has increased oversight and accessibility of financial data - before, during and after the budget process. The County budget will be presented and reviewed line-by-line. This line-by-line process will help keep the Board and citizens fully informed of department activities and county spending.

  • Any dual pay roles for Assistant County Managers and the CFO were eliminated July 1, 2017. These two actions resulted in 28.7% and 11.1% salary reductions

  • Eliminated contracts outside those specific to the 3 employees who serve at-will and are appointed by Commissioners

  • The Board reduced the County Manager’s salary by 13% or $31,543. This places the salary below the average of the 10 urban counties in North Carolina

  • The current County Manager reduced the County Manager’s budget by 29%

  • Makes it easier for you to see changes in the County Budget

  • Positions the Chief Financial Officer over the County Manager’s budget

  • Opens the budget process to greater public accountability

  • Monthly work sessions from November - June are public; sessions are open and recorded

  • Budget summaries are published

  • Commissioners receive a line item budget

  • Provides a link to minutes approving budget actions

  • Realigns current County staff to establish a Performance Management Team that provides ongoing fiscal and programmatic monitoring

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