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Buncombe 2025

a strategic plan to move our County forward

What is Strategic Planning?

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Buncombe 2025

Buncombe 2025 is a strategic plan that will guide County operations and set a course of action for moving forward and drive future policy and budget decisions.

The plan development began in July 2019 with a series of workshops with Commissioners facilitated by consultant Rebecca Ryan with guidance from UNC School of Government. Focus areas were defined by the Commissioners’ priorities and input from employees and the public was considered.

Moving forward, a tentative goal has been set to adopt the plan in early 2020 with it taking effect in July.

Notice: Please keep in mind that this page and plan are works in progress. Buncombe County encourages all interested parties to please check back frequently for updates.

Strategic News

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Focus Areas

To date the following and foundational focus areas have been identified.

A caring community in harmony with its environment where citizens succeed, thrive, and realize their potential.
Respect – Integrity – Collaboration - Honesty - Equity

Focus Areas & Goals

Environmental Stewardship


High quality air, water, farmland and renewable energy for future generations

2025 Goals - Under Development

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintain acreage of farm and undeveloped lands

Educated & Capable Community


A county where all residents thrive and demonstrate resilience throughout their lives.

2025 Goals - Under Development

  • Increase third grade literacy rates especially among underperforming students
  • Protect older residents’ ability to age in place
  • Increase kindergarten readiness
  • Improve connections between local jobs and residents who need them

Vibrant Economy


A robust and sustainable regional economy that builds on our homegrown industries and talent and provides economic mobility for residents

2025 Goals - Under Development

  • Increase median household income to North Carolina benchmark
  • Increase total employment in region’s targeted industries
  • Implement land use strategies that encourage affordable housing near transportation and jobs

Resident Well-Being


Our residents are safe, healthy, and engaged in their community

2025 Goals - Under Development

  • Expand and maintain cultural and recreational assets
  • Increase access to public transit and paratransit services
  • Reduce jail population (to eliminate need for detention center expansion)
  • Eliminate opioid overdose deaths

Foundational Focus Areas

Strong Infrastructure:

(information technology, facilities, risk management, community engagement, evaluation and administration) committed to best-in-class performance to support the Board and its strategic focus areas


the funding, talent, and partnerships that enable high quality delivery of services.


the work of the Buncombe County staff and Board will be conducted with an equity lens.

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Governing Principles

Restoring public trust through honest and ethical decision making, transparency, fiscal responsibility, impactful policy making and good governance.



Locate & Contact


Avril Pinder
County Manager
P. (828) 250-4100
F. (828) 250-6076

County Manager
200 College Street, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28801

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.