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Who to Contact?

Table: Ordinances - Who to Contact
Contact Topic Who to Contact Phone #
Abandoned Vehicles Geoffrey Noblitt 250-4847
Adult Establishments Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Air Pollution Control David Brigman 250-6777
Ambulance Service Jerry VeHaun 250-6600
Animal Control Jim Robinson 250-6670
Building Inspections/Permits Matt Stone 250-5366
E-911 Service Jerry VeHaun 250-6600
Farmland Preservation Debbie Truempy 250-4840
Fire Prevention/Protection Terry Gentry 250-6620
Flood Damage/Prevention Cynthia Fox-Clark 250-4836
Garbage Collection Chip Gingles 250-5460
Hazardous Waste Kristy Smith 250-5473
Junkyards/Junk Cars Geoffrey Noblitt 250-4847
Litter Control Roger Pressley 250-5470
Manufactured Home Parks Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Noise Sheriff's Office 250-6670
Off-Premise Signs Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Parks, Greenways & Recreation Josh O'Conner 250-4260
Rental Housing Terry Gentry 250-6620
Sign Control Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Street Addressing Mila White 250-4854
Stormwater Mike Goodson 250-4854
Subdivisions Gillian Phillips 250-4852
Watershed Protection Debbie Truempy 250-4842
Zoning Planning Department Staff 250-4830