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General Information



The Administration section is responsible for the in-house operations of the Agency. Included in those responsibilities are establishing an Agency budget, grant and report writing, personnel actions, board and committee agenda preparation planning, coordinating staff training, and other administrative tasks.


The Permitting section is responsible for the permitting and compliance evaluations of all industrial facilities within the Agency's jurisdiction. The Permitting section is also responsible for inspecting dry cleaning operations, and administering the §112(r) Risk Management Program.

Field Services

The Field Services section is responsible for regulating and enforcing open burning rules and asbestos rules. In addition to these duties, the Field Services section takes the lead on most non-industrial enforcement issues, including dust and odor complaints, and inspecting gasoline service stations subject to the Stage I Vapor Recovery Program. The Field Services section is also responsible for monitoring the ambient air quality at selected sites throughout Buncombe County and the City of Asheville.