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The Agency


  1. Industrial Compliance — The Agency is responsible for permitting all significant air pollutant sources in Buncombe County. The Agency has full delegation from EPA to enforce NSPS, NESHAPS, and Title V of the amendments to the Clean Air Act of 1990. The Agency reviews all industrial expansions, constructions, reviews all CEM data, and reports inventories to EPA.
  2. Asbestos and Demolition — The Agency performs all asbestos and demolition inspections under Federal and Local Regulations in Buncombe County.
  3. Open Burning— The Agency has authority over all outdoor open burning in Buncombe County. The Agency has a burning inspector that inspects land clearing for burning and dust control at construction sites. The Agency has an inspector on call 24-hrs. a days for burning, odor, dust, and industrial complaints. You can obtain open burning information by calling (828) 250-6777 Option #1 to get a daily recording.
  4. Ambient Air Monitoring— The Agency operates an ambient air monitoring network within Buncombe County. The monitoring is also a part of the National Ambient Air Monitoring Network. The daily ozone levels are reported on the Asheville Citizen-Times.
  5. Indoor Air Problems— The Agency is available to help individuals and industry with indoor air problems. The Agency currently has no official regulations on indoor air problems, but acts in an advisory capacity.
  6. Assists the Emergency Management Division— The Agency is also involved with the Buncombe County EMS through §112(r) of the Clean Air Act, and also assists with training fire fighting personnel.

Quality Reports

Table: Quality Reports
Quarterly Reports
2015 1st Quarter PDF
2014 4th Quarter PDF
2014 3rd Quarter PDF
2014 2nd Quarter PDF
2014 1st Quarter PDF
2013 4th Quarter PDF
2013 3rd Quarter PDF
2013 2nd Quarter PDF
2013 1st Quarter PDF
2012 2nd Quarter PDF
2012 1st Quarter PDF
2011 4th Quarter PDF
2011 3rd Quarter PDF
2011 2nd Quarter PDF
2011 1st Quarter PDF

Annual Reports

Table: Annual Reports
Annual Reports
2014 Summary Report PDF
2013 Summary Report PDF
2012 Summary Report PDF
2011 Summary Report PDF
2010 Slide Presentation PDF
2010 Summary Report PDF