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WNC Air Quality News

Standing Ovation Awards - January 2010

In 2003, the Western North Carolina Regional Air Quality Agency (WNCRAQA) began a recognition program to reward regulated entities who stay in compliance with federal, state and local air quality rules. In 2004, the program was expanded to further recognize local businesses and other organizations that have gone above and beyond air quality rules and regulations to implement voluntary, innovative programs that reduce air pollution in our region. We are pleased to announce the recipients of the eighth-annual Air Quality Standing Ovation Awards. This year, WNCRAQA is presenting the Standing Ovation award to Arvato Digital Services, LLC and APAC-Atlantic, Inc.

Arvato Digital Services, LLC (Arvato), a media replication services facility, has made significant strides in pollution prevention and resource conservation as part of their Green initiatives program that includes multiple departments at their facility. Since 2008, they have reduced the amount of isopropyl alcohol (which accounts for the majority of their volatile organic compound emissions) by 40%. Acetone usage has been reduced by 23%. Arvato has an extensive recycling program; 86% of their waste materials are recycled, including food waste from their cafeteria. They have also reduced the amount of hazardous waste generated by 37%. Non hazardous waste has been reduced by 28%. Arvato staff members have made presentations to other local businesses in an effort to share best management practices regarding pollution prevention and waste reduction.

APAC-Atlantic, Inc. (APAC) manufactures hot mix asphalt at three facilities in Buncombe County. APAC has made modifications to their Black Mountain plant to facilitate the production of a new product called warm mix asphalt. Warm mix asphalt uses technology to reduce heat input from the burner by 10 to 15%. The lower temperatures result in reduced visible emissions and odors from the silo and load out operations. Stack testing conducted on a similar APAC facility using this process in 2010 determined that particulate matter emissions are approximately 34% lower than those resulting from the manufacture of hot mix asphalt. APAC has the capability to produce both hot mix and warm mix asphalt and has been marketing the warm mix product to their customers, several of which have agreed to use the product, including NC DOT.