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Property Assessment Launches New Online Tools for Reappraisal 2021

In conjunction with the 2021 reappraisal, Buncombe County Property Assessment has launched new online tools that make it easier for property owners to review and submit updates to property records, compare property values, and start the appeal process.

“We are excited to launch the Property Record Search and Comper tools,” says Buncombe County Assessor Keith Miller. “Our goal for the 2021 reappraisal is to appraise each property as fairly and accurately as possible. We wanted to provide the community with online tools that are user-friendly and offer easy access to property data.”

Exploring your property

Visit and enter your address to explore and verify data related to your property. “We hope that all property owners will explore this tool and review the property information the tax department has to make sure building information is accurate and up-to-date,” notes Residential Appraisal Manager Jeff Candler. The new tool allows property owners to quickly, and easily submit changes to any data that may be inaccurate, as well as provide updates on physical changes, remodeling, or additions. If you notice anything incorrect, click on the blue ‘See an Issue? Click here to request a change’ button.

Compare values and start the appeal process

From the Property Record Search page, property owners can also find links to GIS, Discover Buncombe, recent area sales, and the new Comper tool. The Comper offers an easy way to identify and view comparable sales of property near you and gives taxpayers access to the same information our appraisers use to determine market value. “One key benefit of the Comper tool is that it gives the taxpayer confidence that the value we have placed on their property is accurate and verifiable,” says Candler.

As part of the reappraisal process, starting on Jan. 1, 2021, the assessment department will post the newest values on this page and will notify all property owners of their new assessed value by mail. The Property Record Search tool offers a one-stop opportunity to review the information the tax department has listed for your property and easily start the appeal process online, if you should disagree with the assessed value. Taxpayers are encouraged to start the appeals process within 30 days.

The Buncombe County Reappraisal Team is available to answer any questions concerning your property value at (828) 250-4920,, or chat live with an appraisal expert and discover more resources at

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