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Waste Pro Update: New Rollout Carts Mean No More Bags on the Ground

As Waste Pro transitions to its new trucks and rollout carts, in accordance with the new contract, there’s information you need to know to keep trash removal running as smooth as possible and our streets and community clean. Prior to this contract, Waste Pro would pick up loose bags and empty trash from personal containers. However, newly implemented collection trucks are meant to operate with your Waste Pro-issued rollout carts to maximize efficiency, and that means bags not in bins will not be picked up.

According to Waste Pro, all new bins will be delivered by mid-February with some minor exceptions. So what does this mean? You need to be a Waste Pro subscriber to have your trash and recycling picked up. If you have a Waste Pro account, you’ll need to make sure all your trash and recyclables are inside your Waste Pro-issued carts. Bagged trash goes in your green rollout cart and loose recyclables go in your blue rollout cart. Again, after receiving the Waste Pro-issued carts, bags on the ground will not be picked up and might be subject to enforcement and potential fines. Eventually, Waste Pro will make an announcement about purchasing tags for additional bags. At that time, the County will help disseminate that information.

We know this will be an adjustment for some County residents, but ensuring bags are placed in Waste Pro-issued carts will help with efficient service, cut back on litter, and help discourage wild animals searching your neighborhoods for food. If you need to dispose of additional waste, you can also take trash and recyclables to the County Landfill (85 Panther Branch Road, Alexander) or the Transfer Station (190 Hominy Creek Road, Asheville). If you or someone you know needs to sign up for trash collection, please call Waste Pro at (828) 684-7790 or click here for subscription information.

Help us keep our community clean. If you see an illegal dumping site in your neighborhood, call the Buncombe County Environmental Control Office at (828) 250-5470 to report it.

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