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How Clean Is Your Favorite Restaurant?

Everyone loves eating out because it’s fast, it’s easy and most of all you don’t have to clean the dishes after the meal! However, have you ever wondered... just how clean is my favorite restaurant?

There’s a way for you to find out. The Buncombe County Health Department wants you to know just how clean your favorite restaurant really is - from the food and utensils to the restrooms. It’s fast, easy and reliable.

The Digital Health Department is located on the Buncombe County Government website, and with the click of a mouse, you can see what county health inspectors found: How clean is your meal?

  • in your favorite restaurant
  • in your neighborhood supermarket
  • in your child's school lunchroom
  • in area nursing homes
  • in area hotels and motels

Not only can you find the most recent report, but also the establishment’s history of inspections. The navigation of the website allows you to search for your establishment by name or zip code.

You can even sign up to receive e-mail alerts when your favorite restaurant, day care, pool or other local establishment receives their health inspection from the Buncombe County Health Department.