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Teens & Young Adults

Teens are the least likely age group to seek health care, yet they engage in behaviors that can be harmful to their health. We encourage students to take care of themselves and to make better decisions for their overall well-being.

Links and Resources for Teens, Young Adults and Parents:

For Teens: (en Espanol)

YES! (Youth Empowered Solutions)
Gives power to youth, in partnership with adults, to create community change that will positively impact adolescent health. YES! has short videos about youth empowerment and advocacy; updates on advocacy efforts; descriptions of work in tobacco, substance, and obesity prevention along with access to health care; and recommended resources and websites.
Provides answers to questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases.
Advocates for Youth is dedicated towards improving the sexual health and awareness of the under-25 crowd. While iwannaknow focuses on the needs and problems of the individual, Advocates for Youth extends the knowledge to society as a whole. If you are interested in finding out what is being done internationally to promote sexual awareness, or as to how HIV prevention is being taught in the schools stateside, this is the site to go to.
Great girls advocacy site.
A noncommercial site that provides unbiased information on acne.

For Parents: (en Espanol)
Not Me, Not Now focuses on promoting abstinence among teens and provides information for adults on how to communicate with teens about sex and sexual health.
This is a good link for parents. It also provides teen survey questions about perceptions and attitudes, and has lots of other links listed that would be of particular interest to parents .-from the Nat'l campaign to prevent teen pregnancy.
en Espanol