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Trailblazer Routes

Serving Your Public Transportation Needs

Mountain Mobility operates three "Trailblazer" routes. The buses are open to anyone who wants to ride. Trailblazer routes provide transportation around local communities, as well as connections where passengers can transfer to Asheville Transit (ART) buses or Haywood Public Transit buses. Flag the bus down anywhere along the route or wait for it at one of the preset locations on the schedule. The fare is 50 cents to board. The Trailblazer buses are light transit vehicles that seat 14 to 18 passengers, and are equipped with lifts to serve persons using mobility aids. Each bus is equipped with a bike rack. All Mountain Mobility vehicles have onboard security cameras to ensure passenger safety.

Each Trailblazer route is a deviated-fixed route, which means that the bus follows the route shown on the schedule, but the bus may deviate off the regular route by one-quarter mile to pick a passenger up from an address if the passenger is unable to get to the route. If you live within one quarter of a mile of route and want to request a deviation please call 250-6750 and press "Option 1" by 5 pm the day before to request a deviation.

North Buncombe Trailblazer Route

The North Buncombe Trailblazer began service in February 2009 and serves parts of north Buncombe County, Woodfin and Weaverville. The service area includes Weaverville Highway, North Main Street, Arveto/Sonopress, Super Wal-Mart and Lowe's, Reems Creek Road, Dogwood Drive, Weaver Boulevard, Northview Mobile Home Park, New Stock Road, and Aiken Road.

The route connects with ART Route N1 at the Manor Ridge Apartments on Elkwood Avenue several times throughout the day. The North Buncombe Trailblazer operates Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Download a printable brochure of the North Buncombe Trailblazer Route:

Asheville ART routes are available at this link:

Black Mountain Trailblazer Route

The Black Mountain Trailblazer began service in December 2002 and serves the Town of Black Mountain, Blue Ridge Apartments, Blue Ridge Assembly, Lakeview Senior Center, Carver Community Center, Highland Farms, Swannanoa Medical Center, Black Mountain Center, Montreat College, Amazing Savings, Ingles, as well as other destinations along the route. The Black Mountain Trailblazer offers connecting service to an Asheville Transit (ART) bus at the Sutton Avenue Park-and-Ride lot in Black Mountain (near SunTrust Bank) for service to downtown Asheville. The Black Mountain Trailblazer operates Monday through Saturday, 5:50 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Download a printable brochure of the Black Mountain Trailblazer Route:

Asheville ART Route 170:

Enka-Candler Trailblazer Routes

The Enka-Candler Trailblazer began service in March 2007 and serves parts of West Buncombe County. This route connects with Asheville Transit (ART) at the Goodwill Industries' Park-and-Ride lot on Smokey Park Highway, and includes service to the A-B Tech Enka Campus and Westridge Shopping Center. This route serves Hwy 19-23 all the way to the Travel Centers of America (TA) Truck Stop, where service connections to Haywood Public Transit are available four times daily. The Enka-Candler Trailblazer operates Monday through Friday, 6:15 a.m. to 6:10 p.m.

Download a printable brochure of the Enka-Candler Trailblazer Route:

Asheville ART routes are available at this link: