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Soil & Water Conservation News

NC Agriculture Cost Share Program Sign-up

Agriculture Cost Share ProgramBuncombe Soil and Water Conservation District will receive its annual cost share allocation in August of this year. These funds are available to help farmers install conservation practices that decrease the amount of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, chemicals and other pollutants in the surface and ground waters of the state.

The District expects to receive approximately $70,000 for program year 2015, which this time begins in 2014. To be eligible for funds, you must sign up between July 1 and July 31, 2014.

Conservation practices that can be cost-shared include:

  • animal waste management systems
  • cropland conversion to grass
  • livestock watering tanks (with stream protection measures)
  • livestock exclusion (fence around stream)
  • conservation tillage
  • filter strips
  • stream bank stabilization
  • critical area treatment or establishment of vegetation on bare areas
  • sod-based rotations
  • riparian buffers
  • agrichemical handling facilities
  • and several others

For a list of Best Management Practices, visit the NCDA website.

For more information, call BC SWCD at 250-4785 or check out our website.