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About the Facility

The Detention Bureau of the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office provides a safe and secure facility for the inmate population of Buncombe County.


The Buncombe County Detention Facility must accommodate the prisoners or arrestees from all law enforcement agencies within Buncombe County including Federal, State, and local agencies.

The Detention Facility is made up of the main jail facility and a jail annex. The bed capacity for the main facility is 524 beds and the Annex has an additional 80 beds for a total housing capacity of 604 inmates. The main facility added a new 148-bed expansion in 2008. The facility requires 160 officers to operate and care for the inmates. This facility houses an average of approximately 459 inmates daily. On an average day the facility will intake and release a total of approximately 100 inmates. The facility operates 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Inmates are taken in 24 hours a day and the releases are determined by the process of the court. The Detention Facility Administrator holds the rank of Captain and has two assistants that head the administrative functions of the facility.

Court Security

Court Security is the second division that is required by law for the Sheriff to have in their department. This division is responsible for all security and police actions for the entire courthouse and all the courts, both civil and criminal. The purpose of court security is to assure that order and control is maintained in the court system. The Buncombe County Sheriff's Office has 18 employees in the Court Security division. Six District Courts and three Superior Courts are required to have a Court Bailiff, a sworn Deputy who works in the court system to maintain order. The remaining Deputies perform different functions, such as working the metal detector at the front door of the Buncombe County Courthouse.

Transportation Unit

The transportation unit is made up of a Sergeant and seven officers. This unit is responsible for the transporting of inmates within Buncombe County and to and from other facilities throughout the state.

County Offices Security Detail Unit

This unit is responsible for maintaining a law enforcement presence in buildings owned or operated by Buncombe County Government, such as the Department of Social Services and the Tax Office.

Magistrates Office-Warrant Service

Deputies assigned to the Magistrates' Office are responsible for the service of walk-in warrants and civil papers.

Locate & Contact

Detention Bureau


Major Daryl Fisher
Facility Administrator

Captain Anthony Gould
Detention Bureau

P: (828) 250-4550

Detention Center
20 Davidson Drive
Asheville, NC 28801

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.