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Instructions for "FIRMettes"

Instructions for Viewing And Printing "FIRMettes" on FEMA's Website

STEP 1 - Go to web site

  1. STEP 2 - Find correct panel

Option 1: To find panel by community

  • click "catalogue"
  • click "FEMA Issued Flood Maps"
  • In media type, select "online"
  • Select "Minnesota" - Select county you want - Select community you want
  • Select "Find FEMA issued Flood Maps"
  • If more than one panel, the bottom one will usually be the index (has IND in the name). You can view the index (see step 3) to see the panel you need, then close the window (click the upper right "X") and view the panel you need (see step 3), or try option 2

Option 2: To find the panel for a particular address (if you know the panel #, skip to quick order instructions below):

  • click "map search" (on top bar or in middle of right column on map store home page)
  • In drop down "where" box, choose "U.S. Street Address"
  • Enter address and click "find"
  • Click "search"
  • Scroll down past map and it should bring up the panel #, date of map, etc. (If it doesn't, the map panel may not be printed.) Copy or write down panel # (not including ".P")
  • click "quick order" (in middle of page on map store home page or lightning bolt at top of page)
  • enter panel number (no spaces and include letter at end) and check "online"
  • click "search"
  1. STEP 3 - View scanned Flood Map panel
    • Once panel choices are shown with green "view" button on right, click "view"
    • Use normal zoom features to look around on panel and zoom in to see more detail.
    • NOTE: The whole scanned panel comes up, not just the address area (if you used option 2)

  1. STEP 4 - Create FIRMette
    • Click "Make a FIRMette" button - you'll see a map loading and the button changes to "follow instructions"
    • Instructions step #1 - default size is 8 ½ x 11 (press button for other size choice, if preferred)
    • Instructions step #2 - The scanned map will come up with a red semi-transparent box on the map portion, a smaller green semi-transparent box on the scale and north arrow, and a bigger green semi-transparent box on the title block. The areas covered by the 3 semi-transparent boxes are what will get printed in the FIRMette; they're basically cookie cutters. Unless you happen to want the upper left corner of the map, you'll need to move the red box (hold left mouse button and drag) to the area where you want the map printed. If the green boxes are too far off, you can select the "scale and north arrow" or "title block" buttons and move either of those boxes once they turn red.
    • Instructions step #3 - create FIRMette - (may need to scroll down) Push Adobe PDF (or TIFF image) button and the FIRMette will come up as an Acrobat file and you can print; or you may be asked to save to file (then save to wherever you wish on your hard drive). If saved to file, bring up saved pdf file in Acrobat and print (or tiff in appropriate program)