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Seeking Candidates for Solar Energy System

The Buncombe County Planning Department is seeking companies that are interested in contracting for the development, finance, construction and operation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system. The energy system will be located at PIN 9721-94-2726 and 9721-95-9833. The site to be developed is a closed landfill with an estimated 30+/- acres of developable land for the PV energy system.*Buncombe County does not intend to own or operate the PV energy system.

Companies are expected to independently investigate, verify, and summarize for Buncombe County the factors important to the success or failure of their proposal, and develop an approach to complete a commercially viable installation of a solar energy facility that will not negatively affect remediation at the closed landfill Site.

Each company will bear the cost of its proposal, the proposal evaluation, contract negotiation process, equipment, zoning and permitting, negotiating design approval with the regulatory agencies, construction cost, Operation and Maintenance costs, system decommission/Site restoration costs, all unanticipated delay, and all market risk.

All submissions should be turned into the Planning Department in person or by mail at Buncombe County Planning Department, 46 Valley Street, Asheville, North Carolina, 28801 by August 1st, 2017 at 5pm.


Any questions about the proposal should be directed to:


Mr. Jon E. Creighton

Planning Director/Assistant County Manager

Buncombe County Planning Department

46 Valley Street

Asheville, NC 28801

Telephone: 828-250-4830

Fax: 828-250-6086