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The Truth About Bird Feeding - TODAY

 Birder Simon Thompson will separate the myths and facts about bird feeding. Do Hummers stop migrating if you leave your feeder out too late in the season? Is there really a “no-mess” bird food? Can a bird choke on peanut butter? Do birds become dependent on bird Learn all about bird feeding.feeders? Can a bird’s feet stick to a cold metal perch in the winter?

Join us on Tuesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. at Fairview Library where Simon will be available to attempt to answer all of your questions on bird feeding and general birding in our area.

Originally from Suffolk, England, Simon has lived in North Carolina for many years. Previously he lived in Lebanon, Kenya, Yemen, and Ghana, where his interest in birds and natural history began. Simon is very active leading birding trips all over the world, and his past programs have been very popular. Don't miss this one!

For more information, contact the Fairview Library at 250-6484 or email