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Library Policies

Admission Charges

Non-library sponsored or co-sponsored meetings must be open to the public. No admission charge or other consideration for admission is permitted.

Rules of Behavior

Library users and staff have the right to assume that their use of library buildings and grounds will be free from harassment, free from physical danger and free from psychological and emotional stress. Individuals who engage in these behaviors and do not cease to do so after being warned will be asked to leave. Failure to leave library buildings and grounds when requested may result in the swearing out of a warrant for trespass.

Change of Name or Address

Patrons are asked to report a change of name, address, email address or telephone number to a staff member at a circulation desk. These changes will be corrected in your patron file information.

Class Visits and Library Tours

The public library is an educational institution and attempts to meet the informational needs of all citizens of Buncombe County from pre-school though adult. Buncombe County Public Libraries encourage teachers and home schoolers to bring classes to the public library. Reservations are required for class visits and tours. Please call the branch you wish to visit for further information.


Computers are available at all libraries on a first-come basis. Copies or printouts made are charged the standard rate for copies made at that location.


Patrons are encouraged to donate books, music or movies to the library. Donated materials are reviewed for possible inclusion in the library collection. Materials not added to the collection will be sold in the book sale and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Library. The donor may request a receipt acknowledging the type and quantity of the donated materials. The Library does not estimate the value of donated items. Donations of magazines, condensed books, and books in very poor or mildewed condition are not accepted.


Overdue fines are calculated for each calendar day, except Sundays when the library is closed. There is no grace period. Partial payment arrangements are available only for overdue charges. Payments for lost or damaged items and all other fees must be paid in full.

Internet Access

Free internet use is available to library card holders. Internet users must sign up to use the computer on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each Internet user is limited to a one hour session per day. Anyone without a library card can sign up for a one hour per session for $1.

Wifi access is available at every Buncombe County Library. A valid Buncombe County library card will be needed to log into the wireless. Anyone without a library card can pay $1 and get a guest card to use the wireless.

Downloading files is only allowed to the users’ storage device. Internet users are responsible for payment of printing fees. Use of library Internet terminals to access pornography is a violation of the Library Rules of Behavior Policy.

Inter-library Loans

Interlibrary Loan is a service that borrows materials from other libraries that are not available in Buncombe County Public Libraries or the NC Cardinal System. Each ILL request is a non-refundable $5 and a valid BCPL library card is required. No more than 10 requests may be processed at one time. For periodical requests, there are generally extra charges for photocopying.

There is a $1 per day charge for overdue items. Books published within the last six months can't be requested. Patrons should allow at least 2 weeks for materials to arrive. For libraries who wish to borrow materials: BCPL is a full member of OCLC and follows all the recommended OCLC guidelines. BCPL does not loan reference or AV materials. For more information on ILL, please contact or call 250-4700.

Library Cards

Library cards are issued at every library in Buncombe County and cards may be used at any library in the system.

For Adults

Any permanent resident or property owner in Buncombe County may obtain a free library card by presenting a photo ID with a local address. If the photo ID has a non-local address, please provide another document (like a bill or bank statement) with a local address.

For Teens

Young adults ages 13 through 17 may be issued a library card with a school ID.
Young adults without their own identification may be issued a library card using a parent's identification.

For Children

Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to get a library card.

Meeting Rooms

Public meeting rooms for community groups and organizations are available for a fee. Meeting rooms can be found at Pack Memorial, Black Mountain, North Asheville, South Buncombe/Skyland, Weaverville, Fairview, Enka-Candler and Leicester. Contact each individual library for size, availability and cost.


Overdue notices are sent to patrons as a courtesy via email. The schedule for mailing notices of overdue materials is incorporated into the computer system and may be changed from time to time. Checkout privileges will be denied to patrons having materials that are "Assumed Lost" (49 days overdue). If materials are lost, full value of the materials must be paid. Patrons who fail to return overdue items will be sent to a collections agency.

Patron Recommendations

Patrons are encouraged to make recommendations for additions to library collections. These suggestions will be evaluated according to the criteria stated in the Materials Selections Policy.


The cardholder is responsible for paying the replacement charge for all lost, stolen or damaged items that have been checked out to that account. Refunds will be made if an item is found within 30 days. However, if an account has been referred to the library's collection agency, no refund is given. Payments for lost, stolen or damaged items must be paid in full.


Photocopiers are available for public use at all libraries. Copies cost 25 cents.

Tax Forms

Federal Tax Forms are available from mid-January through mid-April at most branches. Supplies of the most commonly used forms are available free of charge. Less frequently used forms can be photocopied or downloaded for the usual copying charge of $.25 cents per page.


Volunteers are typically recruited through Friends of the Library organizations and are valuable contributors to behind-the-scenes work, special projects and book sales. The Preschool Outreach Program also recruits volunteers to present Storytime programs for children across Buncombe county. The library does not permit the use of volunteers in the provision of direct service to the public.

Voter Registration

Voter Registration forms are available at all locations. The patron is responsible for mailing the completed form to the appropriate Board of Elections Office. The library does NOT keep precinct information of personal records of party affiliation. For that information, call the Board of Elections, 250-4200.