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Borrowing Guidelines

Table: Borrowing Guidelines
Loan Period
Books, Audio Cassettes, and Compact Discs 3 weeks
High Demand Books 14 days
Videocassettes and DVDs 7 days
Art Prints 6 weeks


You may renew your books online by accessing your account. Your user ID is your library card number and the PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Books, audio cassettes, compact discs, and art prints may be renewed once If someone has placed a hold on the book, it can't be renewed. Videocassettes and DVDs may not be renewed.

Hold Requests

You may reserve books, DVDs, audiobooks, and language tapes from any library and have them sent to any other library in the system. Music CDs are not available for holds at this time. Holds are free and you may have up to 3 holds in the system at once.

For your convenience, you may place hold requests online. Log onto your account to place your hold request.


Fines will be assessed on a per day, per item basis as listed:

Adult Books $0.25
Children's Materials $0.25
Cassettes & CDs $0.25
Art Prints $1.50
Videocassettes $1.00

Fines are calculated for each calendar day, except Sunday and when the library is closed.
Overdue fines must be paid in order to maintain borrowing privileges.


  • Books, cassettes, CDs and videos may be returned to any location.
  • Books may be returned in the book drop.
  • Cassettes, art prints and CDs must be returned to a desk.
  • Art prints must be returned to the lending library.
  • Videos may be returned in the video drop after hours.