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Are You Ready for Tomorrow? Prepare Today!

March 3 - 9 is North Carolina's Severe Weather Awareness Week. Throughout the week, Buncombe County Photo of French Broad River at flood stage.encourages residents to learn about severe weather threats that most often occur in our area and how to be prepared when they happen.

During this year's Severe Weather Awareness Week, many of our school children will take part in a tornado drill. This would be an opportune time for parents and others to talk with their children or grandchildren about weather-related emergencies and what we can do to prepare for them and remain safe until it’s over.

Loss of electricity can occur during many types of severe weather.  Preparing while the lights are on and the weather is nice can make your life a lot easier.  Think about what would make the time without power more manageable, remembering that ATMs, gas pumps and cash registers at stores cannot work without electricity.

Buncombe County has posted a number of articles, information and links to help residents learn about the importance of being prepared and what they can do now to help themselves get through a weather-related emergency with the least amount of inconvenience.

Information can be found at: or