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COVID-19 Update

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Bridging Culture & Health in the Midst of COVID-19

Bridging Culture & Health in the Midst of COVID-19 Radio Town Hall

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Learning about resources, keeping our community strong, and the real talk of COVID-19 in our community. Let's Talk COVID-19 tackles some of the most pressing issues on your mind.

We encourage you to listen to the important topics of discussion, including:

  • Faith and spiritual connections in a COVID-19 world.
  • Economic/financial resources for health.
  • African American risk factors, mental health, and clinical access.
  • Community norms and culture.
  • Supporting youth, continuity in student learning.
  • Local ordinances to support community, and limit exposure and vulnerability.

Together, we have the power to reduce the disparate impacts of the pandemic in Buncombe County by mobilizing in collective action

Other resources:

  • To learn more about COVID-19, you can visit
  • To get local, accurate information about COVID-19 in Buncombe County visit
  • For community resources and assistance you can call 211.