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Get a No-Fee Voter ID Card

NC ID Card for voting

Beginning this year-- 2016, voters  – either on the day of a primary or election or during early voting (one-stop absentee voting) – will be required to show a photo ID

There is no fee charged for a North Carolina ID Card for an individual registered to vote in North Carolina who does not have acceptable photo identification under N.C. General Statute 163-166.13.

To obtain a No Fee Voter ID card, you must sign a declaration stating that you do not have an acceptable photo ID. If you already have an acceptable photo ID, you are not eligible to receive a No Fee Voter ID.

You must also be registered to vote. If you are not a registered voter, DMV will assist you in completing your voter registration application during your visit, and you will still be eligible for your No Fee Voter ID.

Here are the requirements...