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Foster Parent Training Class Starts January 16, 2020

From HHS:

You might have heard about the need to recruit more foster parents in Buncombe County. “We currently have 300 kids in foster care in Buncombe County,” says Heather Hill-Pavone, Buncombe County Licensing Social Worker. “Only some of those kids get to stay in Buncombe County as we only have 100 licensed foster homes with BCHHS.” We need your help to let people in our community know about the upcoming Foster Parent Training Classes happening in 2020!

These courses begin the licensure process for becoming a foster parent. They are offered quarterly, for anyone in Buncombe County, who is interested in becoming a foster parent. While the next round of Foster Parent Training Classes starts on September 11, the classes for 2020 are NOW on the calendar! You can sign up by clicking this link. 

2020 Schedule: 

  • Winter Classes: Jan 16, 2020 through Feb 20, 2020 (Thursdays) at Buncombe County Health and Human Services in Downtown Asheville
  • Spring Classes: March 25, 2020 through April 29, 2020 (Wednesdays) at Biltmore Church in Arden, NC 
  • Summer Classes: June 2, 2020 through July 7, 2020 (Tuesdays) at Biltmore Church in Arden
  • Fall Classes: September 14, 2020 through October 19, 2020 (Mondays) at Buncombe County Health and Human Services in Downtown Asheville

Fostering is one of the most impactful ways that you can help children right here in Buncombe County. When children are fostered in a home that is close to their school, friends, church, medical appointments and communities, it creates a stronger connection to their community and biological family. 

There is also a need for respite foster care providers who can provide shorter term care for foster children. Respite foster parents are crucial supports for fellow foster parents in the event of a medical procedure or obligation that takes them away from their home for a longer period of time. These folks must still be licensed and meet all of the requirements for fostering in North Carolina.

The Foster Parent Training Classes offer a realistic picture of fostering in a supportive and honest way. Once a person is a licensed foster parent, our staff provide coordination of appointments, holiday gifts, school-related needs and supplies to ensure that the child is thriving and that foster parents are off to a good start. Our staff partners with the biological family to ensure that they are progressing towards safety and stability in hopes of reunification and we work hard behind the scenes to make sure that all involved are supported with the resources that they need along the way.

Buncombe County is also searching for Community Resource Volunteers to advocate for children in care. Community Resource Volunteers (CRV) attend Permanency Planning Review meetings where they are neutral, objective participants that offer new and often creative solutions to ensure a child’s safety and permanent placement. The CRV offers a community voice as options are considered for the child’s care, permanency options, placement decisions, well-being issues and safety planning. Visit for more information on volunteering as a Community Resource Volunteer.

There are many ways for people in Buncombe County to help and all of them are very important to children in our community. For more information, visit or call (828) 250-5868. We can be reached by email at: