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Foster Parenting

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Buncombe County's Foster Care Program provides safe, temporary care for children who have been removed from their home for safety reasons by the court system.

Children from many different backgrounds, ages, races, cultures and religions come into the foster care system unsure of what to expect and scared to leave their families. Foster care is meant to be a transitional period for these kids, a stepping stone to reunification or a permanent placement with either their biological family or an adoptive family. Loving and supportive foster parents provide a sense of stability and security to these kids during this transition period.

Prospective Foster Parents often have the same fear, “We are afraid of loving this child so much that we get hurt when it is time for them to leave.” Our response to this concern is always the same, “Loving a child is not a problem.” All foster parents have to love kids and they also have to love setting them up for a safe and stable future in which they will have every opportunity to thrive.

For more information about Health and Human Services Policies and Procedures, visit the NC Health and Human Services website.

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