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How to Apply for Public Assistance

Need to apply for public assistance with Buncombe County Health & Human Services but not sure how? There is no wrong door for applying.

3 ways to apply for Food Assistance or Medicaid:

  1. Visit:  our 40 Coxe Avenue location in downtown Asheville (click here for directions)
  2. Call:  828-250-5500 to request a phone interview and to have an application mailed to you
  3. Online:  via ePASS (presently for Food & Nutrition Services & Medicaid)

Currently, we are in the process of implementing NC FAST, a paperless system that houses all public assistance programs in one automated database system. The ultimate vision is that families will tell their story once to a universal caseworker, receive the services for which they qualify, and retain those services to help them succeed in the workforce.

To find out more about HHS Economic Services’ public assistance programs, click on any of the services below:


Crisis Intervention Program

Energy Assistance

Families and Children

Food and Nutrition

Special Assistance

Youth Employment Permits

Work First