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The Audit Committee Reports Straight to the Board

New regulations, requirements, and procedures, including best practices models have been implemented to ensure that County tax dollars will be managed in a way that is in the best interest of the citizens of Buncombe.

Here’s some of the steps we’ve taken…

  • Strengthened the Audit Committee’s Charter and Bylaws & membership
  • Clarified the reporting line of Internal Auditor with access to the Board
  • Ensured the Internal Auditor cannot be hired, fired or disciplined without consultation with the Audit Committee
  • Gives the Audit Committee the responsibility of approving the annual Internal Audit Plan and reporting annually to the County Board
  • Instructed employees  that everyone has a responsibility to ensure good controls and practices are followed (COSO standard)
  • Establishes the Internal Auditor as the central point for all Whistle-blower complaints

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