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Buncombe County Judicial Complex is Now Open

The ribbon was cut on the new Buncombe County Judicial Complex on Thursday, November 7, 2013. Check out our photo gallery of the ribbon cutting on Facebook.  If you missed the ribbon cutting ceremony, check it out below. 



Now that the Judicial Complex is open, the new entrance is through the big glass doors of the new building. Here's an idea of what is located on each floor of the new and old building. 

Judicial Complex

Ground Floor:

  • Secure Entrance for the Courts Complex
  • Cashier
  • Public Elevators
  • Judicial & District Attorney Offices
  • District Courtroom 1A

Second Floor:

  • Jury Assembly Suite
  • Victim Assistance & Child Support
  • Judicial & District Attorney Offices
  • District Courtroom 2A
  • District Courtroom 2B

Third Floor:

  • Judges' Suite
  • Grand Jury
  • District Courtroom 3A
  • District Courtroom 3B
  • Judicial & District Attorney Offices

Fourth Floor:

  • For Future Expansion

1928 Courthouse

First Floor:

  • Clerk of Court
  • Records

Second Floor:

  • Estates
  • Special Proceedings Hearings

Third Floor:

  • 2 Courtrooms
  • Offices

Fourth Floor:

  • Courtrooms

Fifth Floor:

  • District Attorney
  • Superior Courtroom

Sixth Floor:

  • Administrative Offices

Seventh Floor:

  • Courtrooms

Eighth Floor:

  • Courtrooms

Ninth Floor:

  • Administrative Offices

Tenth Floor:

  • Law Library

Eleventh - Thirteenth Floors:

  • Probation & Parole

Fourteenth Floor & Mezzanine:

  • Social Services