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Ribbon Cut on New Radio System

Buncombe County Government in partnership with Cassidian Communications held a special ceremony to announce the completion of the County's enhanced public safety communications and response system.

Covering Buncombe's 656 square-miles, the new, 12-site network enables secure, reliable radio communication for the county’s first responders, as well as government and public works users.

“We wanted a radio communications solution that would give us maximum flexibility to build the best network, with the best equipment, at the best price,” said Jerry VeHaun, EMS Director.  This system does all that and delivers the increased capacity, enhanced coverage and interoperability our public safety responders need.”

Sheriff Duncan said, "This network system will evolve with us as our needs change, keeping the county safely on the front edge of mission critical communications.”

Sheriff Duncan and Mr. VeHaun demonstrated the radio system during the ceremony by holding a call out to personnel stationed at two locations along the outer edges of the County, Sandy Mush and Broad River.  Both were heard clearly from areas that were dead zones for communication in the past.