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Career Planning and Job Seeking Skills Workshops are available to you at the JobLink Career Center. The following page gives you a description of each workshop and how to sign-up.

To see a list of dates and times that these workshops are offered, please click the schedule link in the menu on the left.

Table: Beat the Robots—Get Your Resume Past the System & Into Human Hands
Beat the Robots—Get Your Resume Past the System & Into Human Hands
75% of resumes are rejected by the online Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that use computer software to scan for key words and other qualifications requested by employers. In this workshop, learn how to write and format electronic resumes that can easily be read by scanning software and increase your chances of human eyes seeing your resume. (NOTE: We recommend that you either attend the Write a Winning Resume workshop or have a good paper copy of your resume before attending this workshop.)
Table:Behavioral Interviewing
Behavioral Interviewing
This technique is used by many employers to learn about your past behavior in specific work situations. Why? Because past performance can predict future success. All interviews at the V.A. and Mission Hospital are behavioral or performance based. This workshop is for all job seekers, regardless of where you are applying. Learn the steps for responding most effectively to these questions and practice these steps with an assigned behavioral question.
Table: Finding the Fit Workshops
Finding the Fit — Myers Briggs Type Inventory
Choosing a job or changing careers is a major decision - one that requires careful thought, research and planning. The better you know yourself, the better your decisions. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your personality preferences and how they can help you identify the best fit in a job or career. You will complete the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory prior to this workshop.
Table: Identifying Career Interests Workshops
Identifying Career Interests
Complete a questionnaire to help in identifying your job/career interests and receive a computer-generated report listing jobs you would be happiest with, based on your interests. Discuss your assessment results and take a tour of websites where you can research a variety of jobs, their projected growth and pay rates.
Table: Interviewing & Salary Negotiation Workshops
Interviewing And Salary Negotiation
A resume may get you the interview, but the interview gets you the job. Learn how to clearly communicate your strengths, skills and experiences so employers easily see you’re the best candidate for the job. Topics include the importance of first impressions, verbal and non-verbal communication, and responses to: 1) the most commonly asked interview questions; 2) "problem" questions; and 3) behavioral based interview questions. Salary negotiation strategies will also be discussed.
Table: LinkedIn Workshops
LinkedIn — Networking in the Virtual World
LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over 225 million members and growing rapidly, connecting you with other professionals to make you more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do. We'll provide needed information for building your profile so you can begin using LinkedIn as part of your job search. Increase your visibility so employers and recruiters can find you. It's the place to turn for new opportunities!
Table: Mastering Online Applications Workshops
Mastering Online Applications
Almost all companies are using online applications and it seems that each one is different. This workshop will provide tips for navigating the online application process successfully. In addition, you will learn about Applicant Tracking Systems and how employers use them to grade your application based on keywords you provide. For many companies, applying online is the only way to get hired. Attend this workshop to increase your job possibilities.
Table: Networking Workshops
Networking — The Most Effective Way to Find a Job
Meeting with people face to face is more important now than ever. Today, employers deal with a sea of online applications. Being able to connect your face with one of those applications could be just the thing that makes you stand out above the rest. In this workshop, learn the basics of "in-person" networking for identifying job leads and openings, and write a self-sell statement for introducing yourself to the many new contacts you'll be making.
Table: >W.I.O.A. Financial Assistance Workshops
W.I.O.A. Financial Assistance
The Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act provides funding to assist eligible individuals obtain vocational training.  This information session covers training programs, eligibility guidelines and the registration process.
Table: WorkKeys Workshops
WorkKeys — CRC
Do you have the skills for the job of your dreams? Want a concrete way to market your skills to employers? WorkKeys is a set of standardized assessments for determining skill levels in the following areas: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. WorkKeys was developed to assist employers in their recruiting efforts.
Table: Write A Winning Resume Workshops
Write A Winning Resume — Part 1 & 2
Your resume is the most important marketing tool for your job search. In this two-part workshop, learn how to write the most effective resume for getting an interview and the job. The focus will be on presenting your strengths, skills, experiences, accomplishments and credentials so employers can easily see you're a great fit for the job. In addition, you will learn how to write and format electronic resumes that can easily be read by the scanning software used on most online application websites. (NOTE: You must attend Part 1 of this workshop before signing up for Part 2.)

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please sign up by calling NCWorks Career Center Asheville at (828) 251-6200. You may also sign up by visiting our office located at 48 Grove Street in downtown Asheville.