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Be a Hero - Get a flu shot!

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CDC recommends that all individuals 6 months and older get the flu vaccine each and every year. Flu vaccine is very effective for a whole year so there is no benefit to waiting until you believe the flu season is peaking. Some years the flu season begins in October.

Flu vaccine: Two forms of flu vaccine will be available at the Community Flu Vaccine Clinics. We will offer flu mist, which is available for healthy individuals, ages 2 - 49; and flu shot, which is available for anyone over 6 months of age.

Cost: Flu shot $26, Flu mist $33. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and self-pay (cash, check, debit or credit card). Those with no insurance may qualify for no cost vaccine based on eligibility.

Be a Hero and get a flu vaccine somewhere this month. Flu shots are usually available from your health care provider, drug stores and grocery stores. Flu vaccine is also available at our Immunization Clinic located at 40 Coxe Avenue in downtown Asheville, across the street from the post office and bus station. Parking is free. Anyone 6 months and older may receive a flu vaccine at this location, without an appointment, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am - 5 pm.

For more information call the Flu Hotline at 250-6400 or visit our website at www.buncombecounty.org/flu

Common Myths about the Flu

Flu Myth #1: The flu shot can give you the flu.

  • Not true - The flu viruses used in the flu shot are inactivated (or killed), which means the vaccine cannot cause the virus. Batches of the flu vaccine are tested after they are made to make sure they are safe.
  • It takes about two weeks to get full protection after getting your flu shot. If someone becomes sick with the flu within two week of getting their flu shot, it is because they were exposed to the flu just before or just after getting the flu shot and before they were fully protected.
  • It's better to get your flu vaccine early - before there is much flu activity in the community - and then you will reduce your risk of getting the flu before your flu shot is fully protective.

Flu Myth #2: It is better to get the flu than the vaccine.

  • Not true - The flu is actually a serious disease, especially in younger children, older adults, and individuals with certain chronic health conditions. Each year thousands of people, young and old, die from flu illness.

Flu Myth #3: I never get sick, so I don't need the flu shot.

  • Not true - Even healthy people can get the flu. Not only does getting the flu vaccine protect yourself, it also protects those in the community who have weaker immune systems or are unable to receive the vaccine. Babies under 6 months of age cannot get flu vaccine and count on the rest of us to prevent them from getting the flu.

Flu Myth #4: I want to wait until the flu starts peaking before I get the flu shot, so it will be more effective.

  • Not true - The flu season can be unpredictable. Even though the peak months are usually January and February, the flu can appear as early as October. Flu vaccine offers full protection for an entire year so there is no reason to put off getting the flu vaccine.
  • It is best for people to get vaccinated earlier in the season so they have full protection of the flu shot before the flu spreads through the community.

For more flu facts go to www.cdc.gov/flu

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