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ID division

Identification Services include:

  • Maintaining a criminal history record which includes but is not limited to the following documents:
    • the arrest sheet
    • the mug-shot (photograph)
    • the criminal fingerprint card
    • the court disposition record and
    • any court ordered item (e.g. dismissals, corrections, amendments, etc).
  • Providing criminal histories for background checks (Buncombe County cases only).
    • FEE: $5.00 CASH ONLY & 24-hour processing period
    • Download Record Check Request Form for Buncombe County: (Word / PDF)
  • Fingerprinting for the general public for purposes of employment, properties, securities, child-care, adoption, etc.
    • FEE: $10.00 CASH ONLY


All fingerprinting for Immigration & / Naturalization Services (INS) purposes must be done in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, please call the INS HELP LINE at 1-800-375-5283 (9 a.m.- 4 p.m. est).