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Environmental Health  

The staff of the Environmental Health Division is charged with enforcing North Carolina laws and rules to safeguard health and protect the environment in Buncombe County. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides technical guidance and delegation of authority.

Some services provided by Environmental Health are mandated, or required. These services include the on-site wastewater (septic systems), food and lodging, and childhood lead prevention and investigation programs.

Environmental Health Services include:

Businesses that are regulated include:

  • restaurants
  • motels/hotels
  • food stands
  • day care centers
  • swimming pools
  • tattoo parlors

You may check the inspection grades for these facilities
on the Digital Health Department website.

  • Investigation of food poisoning outbreaks
  • Investigations concerning elevated blood lead levels in children
  • Investigation of food poisoning outbreaks
  • Investigation of mosquito, rat, and other public health nuisance complaints
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Food safety and child daycare sanitation classes
  • Free language assistance

How can I receive services from Environmental Health Services?

Most services must have an application. These can be made by visiting the Environmental Health Services Division, 30 Valley Street in Asheville. Applications can also be faxed or mailed, or you can print out applications in the Forms section below.

What to bring with you

We suggest that you call the Environmental Health Division before coming to our office for an application. Someone will be able to tell you what type of information you need to bring, based on the services you want. The number to call is (828) 250-5016


What are the fees?

Fees vary according to the type of services asked for.  Fees can be paid by cash, check or credit card. All fees must be paid at the time the service application is made.

Fee Schedule

For more information:

For a complete listing of Inspection Grades services, please visit the
Digital Health Department.

Buncombe County does not maintain data concerning hazardous waste sites within the county. For information on hazardous waste sites contact U.S. EPA Region 4 Superfund Division ( at 1-800-241-1754 or the Division of Waste Management with the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at (919) 508-8400.