Buncombe County Employment  

Job TitleSocial Work Supervisor III
AgencySocial Services Dept
Salary Range$61,771 - $64,488
Job LocationBuncombe County Health & Human Services
Closing Date9/24/2014
Job Details

General Statement of Duties
The primary purpose of the Social Work Supervisor III position is to provide direct supervision to the Case Planning/Case Management and Investigations social work staff. (#2635) 

Examples of Work
Essential Functions of the position:
Personnel Management; hire, develop, counsel, evaluate employee and team performance and provide feedback and disciplinary action as needed to ensure a competent workforce. Administer and assure compliance with all county and human resource policies including those covered by local, state, and federal laws. Assure compliance with all applicable policy, rules and governmental statutes (local, state, and federal) specific to program areas. Supervision of their unit in collaboration with other service areas in the agency. Represents the agency in advocating for services needed to serve this population.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of the methods and principles of casework supervision, training, and administration.Extensive knowledge of the laws, regulations, and policies which govern child welfare programs, including a thorough knowledge of all relevant manual materials, knowledge of after-hours on-call policy and procedures.Knowledge of management techniques and styles. Extensive knowledge of social work principles, techniques, and their application to specific casework and community problems; knowledge of family-centered philosophy and family system dynamics. Knowledge of medical, behavioral, and socio-economic problems and their treatment. Knowledge of basic criminal justice procedures. Ability to supervise, train, and direct social workers in various programs. Ability to establish and maintain constructive, effective relationships within the unit, between unit staff and other services, income maintenance and clerical staff; and unit and other agencies and professionals, clients and the community. Ability to transfer knowledge to staff, particularly supervisory staff in such a way that it is accepted and utilized, to provide encouragement and support to staff in day to day activities as well as crisis situations. Ability to locate resource information as well as physical and financial resources; and the ability to motivate staff, instill pride in job performance and foster a positive, helping attitude toward both clients and fellow workers despite sometimes difficult working conditions. Ability to encourage independent decision making and ever increasing effectiveness and productivity. Ability to impart these skills to supervisors. Ability to take action that often has an important impact without specific instruction to guide and support staff in making independent decisions; and the ability to effectively present the Agency’s needs, and mission. Skills in promoting clear communication, coordination and responsiveness between staff and administration. Skills in counseling and interviewing and the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely and to plan and execute work effectively; and skills in creating resources when none are readily available. Ability to efficiently and effectively interact with co-workers to accomplish common tasks. Ability to have efficient and courteous interaction with the employer’s customers. Ability to function in highly stressful circumstances. Ability to maintain high level of professionalism and to conduct business in an ethical manner at all times

Minimum Education and Experience
Master's degree from an accredited school of social work and two years of social work or counseling experience; or a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of social work and three years of social work or counseling experience; or a Master’s degree in a counseling field and three years of social work or counseling experience; or graduation from an accredited four year college or university with a degree in human services or related degree with 15 semester hours in social work or human services coursework and four years of social work or counseling experience; or graduation from an accredited four year college or university and five years of experience in guidance counseling, rehabilitation counseling, ministry, or a related human service field providing experience in the techniques of casework, group work, or community organization; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Additional Information
All applicants will be given credit only for information provided in response to this announcement. No additional information will be solicited or considered by this office; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training, and experience. Applicants will not automatically be given credit based on their position title. If work history involves part time work, you must state the number of hours per week to receive credit. 

How can I apply for County Employment?

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. Please apply online. Paper applications are not accepted.

The full application package contains the Buncombe County application for employment, work history continuation sheet, Buncombe County authorization for release of personal and confidential information and the Buncombe County drug screening through urinalysis applicant consent form.

A college transcript must accompany applications for Social Worker positions. Please attach a copy or have your college send one to:

Buncombe County Human Resources
200 College Street, Suite 403
Asheville, NC 28801

Should you require special assistance to apply for a position, please contact Human Resources at 828-250-4166.


  • Resumes are not accepted in place of applications and will not be accepted via e-mail. A resume may accompany a completed application for a posted vacancy.
  • Drug screen consent & personal information release documents are required with all applications.
  • To apply for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position.
  • Be sure to indicate on the application the specific position for which you are applying.

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