Buncombe County Employment  

Job TitlePublic Health Nurse II - School Health
AgencyHealth Center
Salary Range$58,608 - $61,245
Job LocationBuncombe County Health & Human Services/School Health
Closing Date10/1/2014

This job listing closes today (10/1/2014) at midnight!! You must complete your application by midnight for it to be considered.

Job Details

General Statement of Duties
This school nurse position is to provide nursing services to public schools in Buncombe County. This position will offer skilled nursing coordination to students K-12 with special health care needs and those needing health services while at school. The goals focus on early detection, intervention, referral, anticipatory guidance and close follow-up in order to decrease absenteeism and improve school performance in the students served. This nurse will work closely with school personnel and parents and will act as a liaison with physicians and community resources. The nurse will focus on outcomes that demonstrate positive effects of the school health program. (#1886) 

Special Requirements
Must be licensed to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina by the N.C. Board of Nursing and have a valid N.C. driver's license. Pediatric nursing preferred. 

Examples of Work
The School Nurse operates independently and brings unusual situations and problems to the School Health Team Leader and/or Manager for review and discussion. The School Nurse serves as a liaison with school staff, parents, physicians, Mission Hospitals, and other community programs. The School Nurse prepares students’ plans of care, trains school staff on the needed care, and evaluates the care being provided to assure the student is receiving care that meets best practice standards. The School Nurse serves as the coordinator of school health services for several schools. The School Nurse spends the majority of time providing advanced and independent nursing services to students in the school setting and prioritizes services to students with multi-systemic diagnoses and students in need of significant health care while at school. In all areas of health and for all age groups, the public health nurse is instrumental in making decisions in the community to strengthen the family and promote responsible health practices. Monitoring and investigating disease outbreaks is an activity of the School Health Program upon request from the Disease Control Program Supervisor. Promote and maintain health of individuals, families, schools and the community through teaching and counseling. Inform the public about healthy choices/practices and accessing health services. Assist with the school health clinical experience for nursing and medical students/residents/health professionals as needed. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The school nurse has considerable current knowledge of nursing theory, principles and techniques employed in the field of public health and school nursing; considerable knowledge of available resources and organizations and the ability to coordinate these as needed; knowledge of infection control practices; the ability to make astute observations and judgments of student conditions; the ability to function effectively in emergency and stressful situations; the ability to understand, interpret, and relate oral and written instructions; willing to acquire and advance computer skills; knowledge of epidemiology and community diagnosis; the ability to plan, coordinate, and supervise the work of others; the ability to deal tactfully with others and to exercise good judgment in appraising situations and making decisions; the ability to secure the cooperation of clients, to elicit needed information and to maintain effective working relationships; the ability to record accurately services rendered and to interpret and explain records, reports and medical instructions; and skills in observation, group process and listening skills. The nurse must have excellent communication and problem-solving skills; and must abide by confidentiality for both public health and school privacy laws and regulations; must be in good physical condition to perform job tasks. Physical stamina and endurance, along with intact visual and tactile senses, are required. Must have a reliable personal vehicle for travel and maintain a valid North Carolina driver license. Performs with cultural competency with the ability to efficiently and effectively interact with students, families, school staff and co-workers to accomplish common tasks; Ability to function in highly stressful circumstances; Ability to maintain high level of professionalism and to conduct business in an ethical manner at all times. 

Minimum Education and Experience
Graduation from a four-year college or university with a B.S. in Nursing which includes a Public Health Nursing rotation and one year of Public Health Nursing experience; or Master’s in Public Health and graduation from a school of professional nursing and one year of professional nursing experience; or graduation from a school of professional nursing and two years of professional nursing experience including one year of Public Health Nursing experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. 

Additional Information
No additional information will be solicited or considered by this office; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training, and experience. If work history involves part time work, you must state the number of hours per week to receive credit. 

How can I apply for County Employment?

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. Please apply online. Paper applications are not accepted.

The full application package contains the Buncombe County application for employment, work history continuation sheet, Buncombe County authorization for release of personal and confidential information and the Buncombe County drug screening through urinalysis applicant consent form.

A college transcript must accompany applications for Social Worker positions. Please attach a copy or have your college send one to:

Buncombe County Human Resources
200 College Street, Suite 403
Asheville, NC 28801

Should you require special assistance to apply for a position, please contact Human Resources at 828-250-4166.


  • Resumes are not accepted in place of applications and will not be accepted via e-mail. A resume may accompany a completed application for a posted vacancy.
  • Drug screen consent & personal information release documents are required with all applications.
  • To apply for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position.
  • Be sure to indicate on the application the specific position for which you are applying.

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