Individuals who have Medicare coverage may be eligible to have their Medicare premiums paid by Medicaid if their income is between 100% and 135% of the poverty level. There is a limit on resources.

Your Medicare-Aid Benefit depends on your monthly income

If income is no more than: Your Medicare-Aid Benefit is payment of:
Individual Couple
$851 $1141
  • Part B premiums ($96.40 per month)
  • Part A premiums ($423 per year)
  • Medicare hospital deductible ($1024)
  • Medicare annual deductible ($135)
  • 20% Medicare co-payment
$1021 $1369
  • Part B premiums ($96.40 per month)
$1149 $1541
  • Part B premiums ($96.40 per month) Funds for this program may be limited

Income includes:

  • Social Security
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Pensions and other retirement benefits and
  • Wages (some income can be disregarded).

Resources Include:

  • cash
  • bank accounts
  • second car
  • retirement accounts
  • stocks and bonds and
  • real estate that is not your home.
  • Your resources must be no more than $4,000 for an individual, or $6,000 for a couple. Resources DO NOT INCLUDE your home, car, household furnishings, clothing or other personal effects such as jewelry.

Medicare-Aid only pays for services covered by Medicare. Therefore, it DOES NOT pay for prescriptions or eyeglasses.