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lead poisoning 

Lead is a poison that can be found in many homes constructed before l950. It can be found in paint, tap water, plastic mini-blinds, glazed pottery, etc. Children under six years of age are especially at risk because their bodies are still developing.

The Buncombe County Department of Health aims to reduce the risk of lead poisoning in children under the age of six by:

  • Providing free blood lead screenings
  • Identifying communities within our county with large numbers of pre-1950 housing for educational and lead screening outreach programs.
  • Conducting educational programs and blood lead screening in day care centers.
  • Coordinating investigations and remediation projects for the elimination of lead hazards in homes and daycare centers.

If you think your child may be at risk for lead poisoning, a blood sample can be taken to detect high levels of lead in blood. The Environmental Health staff can also inspect your home and property for lead hazards. Appointments are needed.