Fluorescent Lamps

Residents can drop off used compact and regular fluorescent light bulbs at any of the following participating municipal and volunteer fire departments:

  • Black Mountain - 106 Montreat Road
  • Enka-Candler - 85 Pisgah Highway
  • Fairview VFD - 1586 Charlotte Highway
  • Reems Creek - 730 Reems Creek Road
  • Reynolds - 235 Charlotte Highway
  • Skyland - 9 Miller Road
  • Swannanoa - 103 South Avenue
  • Weaverville - 3 Monticello Road

City of Asheville Fire Departments

  • Station 2 on Livingston Street - 415 S French Broad Avenue
  • Station 11 at - 7 Rocky Ridge Road near Biltmore Square Mall


  • Home Depot
  • Lowes

Mercury containing fluorescent lights can be recycled at the landfill on Fridays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm during the HHW program.

For household quantities from residents of the county:

Waste Type Maximum Amount Price
4 foot Fluorescent Light Bulbs Up to 5 free/ week $0.75 each
8 foot Fluorescent Light Bulbs Up to 5 free/ week $0.90 each
All other Up to 5 free/ week $5.00 each

Maximum of 20 bulbs per month.

Businesses are permitted to recycle bulbs at the landfill’s HHW ONLY with a 20 bulb limit per month. BUSINESSES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM DROPPING BULBS OFF AT THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. The fees for business bulb recycling is:

Waste Type Maximum Amount Price
4 foot Fluorescent Light Bulbs 20 per month $0.75 each
8 foot Fluorescent Light Bulbs 20 per month $0.90 each
All other 20 per month $5.00 each

If you have broken fluorescent lamps they are also accepted.

Other Options

Citizens can take discarded and "broken CFL's in a sealed bag" to either Lowe's or Home Depot. Please note that the broken CFL must be in a sealed bag in order for them to accept it.

  • Please note: if any of your bulbs are broken please use protective gear like rubber gloves and eye protection and use a wet paper towel to clean up the the debris. DO NOT sweep or vacuum up the debris. It will cause material to be dispersed into the air. Place the contents in a Ziploc bag, wipe the area with a wet paper towel or cloth and bring the bag to the Fire Station.
  • Please make sure the broken bulb and towel are sealed in the plastic bag when brought into the Fire Station. Ventilate the room where the lamp was broken.
  • When the unit is broken the mercury is released. It is released as a vapor and there will be very little left in the powder.
  • 100% of these lamps are recycled.

If you have questions or need assistance please call 250-5460 or 250-5462 for information.