Transfer Station  

The Buncombe County Transfer Station accepts bagged residential trash at a cost of $1 per bag. Bulky waste, such as furniture, mattresses, wood, construction and demolition debris, or any other large, over-sized items that are not bagged with household garbage are NOT accepted. Those items will need to be disposed of at the Buncombe County Landfill.

Medical Waste

Buncombe County residential households can drop off “sharps,” such as needles and lancets; however, NO BUSINESSES OR MEDICAL FACILITIES are permitted to use the sharps disposal area at the Transfer Station. Please place sharps in an approved sharps container (available at pharmacies) or in a sturdy, thick-walled plastic jug with a secured lid or taped closed and labeled SHARPS.


The Transfer Station will continue to accept the following recyclables at no charge:

  • Lead acid batteries.
  • White goods (appliances) and other metals. (No microwaves.)
  • Newspapers and brown paper bags; office paper and mail; magazines and catalogs.
  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Blue Bag or commingled recyclable containers, including plastic bottles and jugs; aluminum cans; clear, green, and brown glass bottles/jars; and steel cans.
  • Moving Boxes: Drop off corrugated moving boxes and shipping cartons for reuse. (Please break down and flatten the boxes.)
  • Medical Equipment: Anyone who wishes to pass along walkers, wheelchairs, canes or crutches should bring them to the Buncombe County Landfill or the Transfer Station. The medical equipment will be loaned to patients who need it temporarily or given to people who will use it permanently.

Find out more about Recycling at the Transfer Station.