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Patrol Division

Proper and professional response to the public's calls for service is the primary commitment and focus of the Sheriff's Patrol Division. We strive daily to offer quick responses with the most professional service possible to the citizens of Buncombe County. Integrity, Dignity and Professionalism are the guiding principles that govern our actions, and we hold all our actions accountable to the citizens of Buncombe County at all times.

The Patrol Division is further responsible for serving civil papers (after business hours), performing extra checks of both businesses and residences, performing warrant services, traffic law enforcement and other traditional policing roles.

This Division is commanded by Captain Terry Rogers. The Captain is assisted by an Executive Lieutenant and a Division Administrative Assistant. Response to calls for service is handled by two rotating day shift squads (A and C) and two rotating night squads (B and D) working 12 hour shifts. These squads are supplemented by "Power" squads that add additional resources during the transition between shifts and other busy periods. The day and nights squads are led by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants, and each generally has up to eleven Deputies assigned.

Deputies are required to have 24 hours of continuing education each year, but most now far exceed this requirement. This focus of the Division toward professionalism and training has created the best trained Patrol Divisions that the Buncombe County Office of the Sheriff has ever fielded.

The Reserve Deputy Sheriff is a non-paid community service position within the Office of the Sheriff. The skilled and dedicated men and women of the unit volunteer their personal time to serve as Deputy Sheriff's in a variety of important roles. The members of the unit may respond to dispatched calls for service, serve civil papers, conduct follow up and address confirmations of registered sex offenders, serve in Courthouse security, Detention Center, Magistrate's Office/Intake, Criminal Investigations or traffic enforcement positions through the Governor's Highway Safety Program. Some members even serve on the Sheriff's Special Response Team. A number of members are assigned to the Patrol Division's Directed Patrol Unit and are used as saturation patrols in neighborhoods experiencing increases in crime or in need of special community oriented enforcement support.

Reserve Deputies are sworn with the same powers and authority of full time Deputies. Reserve Deputies are also required to maintain the same levels of certification and training required by the State that full time Deputies are required to maintain. This includes the full NC Basic Law Enforcement Training course, annual in-service updates and training and annual Firearms training and qualification. The only difference is that the Reserve Deputies serve the agency as non paid volunteers. These service oriented men and women come from a wide range of civilian backgrounds, from blue collar workers to local business executives. Many of the Deputies are actually retired from or actively employed as full time military personnel or police officers with other law enforcement agencies, volunteering additional service time to the citizens of Buncombe County. Duties performed by Reserve officers save the taxpayers of Buncombe County thousands of dollars each year, and we are proud to showcase the program as an integral part of the Sheriff's Office efforts to constantly improve the levels of service provided to the citizens of this county.

Organization and Structure

Administrative oversight and coordination of the program's Enforcement Bureau activities (Uniformed Divisions/CID) will be conducted through the Executive Officer of the Patrol Division. All Detention/Court activities will likewise be coordinated as directed by the Major of Detention/Courts.