Court Security  

Court Security is the second division that is required by law for the sheriff to have in his department. The purpose of court security is to assure that order and control is maintained in the court system. The Buncombe County Sheriff's Office has eighteen employees in the Court Security division. Six district courts and three superior courts are required to have a court bailiff, which is a sworn deputy who works in the court system to maintain order. The remaining deputies perform different functions, such as working the metal detector at the front door of the Buncombe County Courthouse.

The Metal Detector

The security of the Buncombe County Courthouse begins at the front door. People entering the courthouse must place all handbags, briefcases, and anything in their pockets on the conveyor belt. This belt takes all possessions through an x-ray machine. Deputies survey the x-ray screen for any weapons and other items that may be hidden in the bags. As the person's possessions are riding through the conveyor system, he/she must step through the metal detector. The metal detector is shaped like a doorframe, and will beep if something metal is on the body that passes through. If the metal detector doesn't beep, the person may step to the front of the conveyor and pick up his/her belongings. If it does beep, the person must step to the side so that a deputy may search the person with a handheld metal detector. Some jewelry, gum wrappers, and even steel-toed boots may set the alarm off, so it is not unusual for people to be scanned with a handheld detector.

Court Security Job Descriptions

Court Bailiff Supervisor: The court bailiff supervisor plans, directs, and supervises the activities of the court security division. He/She also handles administrative tasks, such as overseeing employee time sheets; determines needs for equipment and/or staffing; supervises the court bailiffs; and also serves as a court bailiff when needed. The supervisor reports any problems to the jail administrator.

Court Bailiff Deputy

  • The court bailiff deputies serve in Superior and District court in maintaining order and recessing and opening court
  • accompany inmates to and from the detention facility
  • provide security for the courthouse and its occupants
  • serve subpoenas and appearance bonds
  • prepares release orders and bond sheets on inmates
  • man the metal detector
  • x-ray conveyor belt