Boards & Commissions

Health & Human Services Board

Info About Members

  • 18 total
  • All appointed by the County Commissioners


3 & 4 years


This Board was created by NCGS 153A-77. “Except as otherwise provided by this section and subject to any limitations that may be imposed by the board of county commissioners under G.S. 153A-77, a consolidated health and human services board created pursuant to G.S. 153A-77(b) shall have the responsibility and authority to carry out the programs established in this Chapter in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Social Work Services Commission and under the supervision of the Department of Health & Human Services in the same manner as a county Social Work Services board.”


Professionals Required by Statute

Name Title Term
Dr. Candrice Thul Psychologist 3 years
Stephanie Kiser Pharmacist 4 years
Ken Putnam Engineer 4 Years
Ed Coryell Dentist 4 Years
Dr. Paul Endry Optometrist 3 years
Jennifer Wehe Social Worker 4 years
Winnie Ziegler Registered Nurse 3 years
Dr. David McClain Physician 3 years
Dr. Rick Weigel Psychiatrist 4 years
Dr. Richard Oliver Veterinarian 3 years
Miranda DeBruhl County Commissioner N/A

Public/Consumer Advocates/Representatives

Name Title Term
Bill McElrath, Emeritus County Liaison 3 years
Susanne Swanger Associate Superintendent/BC Schools 3 years
Sharon West Veteran's Program Manager 4 years
Frank Castelblanco Director of Regional Services MAHEC 4 years
Rick Elingburg Employment Security Commission 3 years
Don Locke Retired Director Asheville Graduation Center 4 years
Terry VanDuyn Community Advisory Member 4 years

February 27, 2015 Meeting Documents

Archived Minutes

Economic and Work Support Strategies Committee

Meets monthly on the third Friday of every other month beginning in January at 8:30 a.m. at the County Administration Building, 200 College St., Asheville, NC 28801. (More Info)


  1. Provide input and recommendations to the Board regarding the administration of public assistance programming (Food Nutrition Services, Work First Family Assistance, Medicaid, Emergency Assistance, Child Support, etc.)
  2. Recommend strategies to enhance access to services
  3. Identify and recommend strategies to improve our community partnerships to increase access, streamline processes, education, etc.
  4. Advise the Board on identified strategies to expand services to meet the identified needs of the community
  5. Recommend enhanced education strategies to reach potential consumers of our various services and to inform the public at large, community leaders and community partners
  6. Ensure the Board has information to develop and/or advocate for work support strategies
  7. Serve as conduit to the HHS Board for budget, policy, fee setting and program recommendations.


Name Organization
Dana Harrell-Stansbury Land of Sky Council
Jim Barrett Pisgah Legal Services
Phil Monk Workforce Development Board
Sara Smith A-B Technical Community College
Crystal Miller Child Support Enforcement
Bill Murdock or Designee Eblen Foundation
Rick Elingburg Employment Security Commission
Josh Pierce Goodwill
Leigh Pettus Manna Foodbank
Miriam Schwarz Medical Society or MAHEC
Rachael Nygaard United Way of Asheville/Bunc. Co.
Scott Rogers or Designee ABCCM
Jeff Staudinger or Designee Asheville Regional Housing Consortium
Ben Watts Community Action Opportunities
Charles Schoenheit Western Highlands LME
Allison Jordan Children First/Communities in School
Josh O'Conner Buncombe County Planning Department
Sheila Hoyle South Western Child Care Development
Ron Bradford Smart Start of Buncombe County
Susan Grosvenor CCWNC
Becky Kessel Buncombe County HHS Parks & Recreation
Dawn Warren Buncombe County HHS Children's Services
Eddie Shook Buncombe County HHS Health
Patricia Wallin Buncombe County HHS Public Assistance
Micky Corn Buncombe County HHS Public Assistance
Marty Phillips Buncombe County HHS Public Assistance
Rob Morrell Buncombe County HHS HSPE

Community Advisory Committee

Meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the County Administration Building, 200 College St., Asheville, NC 28801. (More info)


The purpose of this Health & Human Services Community Advisory committee is to provide a means for community members to give input to the Health & Human Services Board about the delivery and effectiveness of services and programs that support the safety, health and well-being of our community. Specifically:

  • Provide input on customer service - accessibility, integration, and effectiveness
  • Provide input on community partners, programs, resources so we can better align services
  • Provide input from our teens and young adults so we stay ahead of the changing needs of our community
  • Provide input on unique community assets and needs
  • Interface with the developmental assets program; PVA, Community Navigators, etc.
  • Cultural competency and inclusion (breaking down institutional biases or barriers across service program areas, NFP, etc)

By gaining this input, we will be able to: identify issues that impede our residents from making good choices that support their safety, health and well-being; effectively pool resources and align efforts with community partners, and streamline services to meet the needs of our consumers.

More Information

Committee Bylaws

Meeting Minutes


  • Adam Johnson
  • Ambrosia Warnex
  • Amy Davis
  • Andrew Gibbon
  • Angela Singh
  • Anne Cortes
  • Art Moore
  • Ashley Gibbon
  • Ben Atkins
  • Bill McElrath
  • Carolynn Cohron
  • Christopher Diamond
  • Deborah Miles
  • Deborah Gentry
  • Elizabeth McElreath
  • Eloisa Gonzalez
  • Frank Castelblanco, Chair
  • Gary Nickles
  • Heather Vargas
  • Janaica Padgett
  • Jennifer Bruno
  • Jennifer Mullendore
  • Jennifer Strudwick, Secretary
  • Jerry Rice
  • Jerry VeHaun
  • Jillian Persons
  • Julie Montanea
  • Karen Greer
  • Katherine Foster
  • Lisa Eby, HHS Staff Liaison
  • Lucia Daugherty
  • Marian Arledge
  • Matt Lapp
  • Misty Brooks
  • Sheila Walter
  • Tammy Shook
  • Terry Van Duyn, Vice Chair
  • ZaKiya Bell-Rogers

Meeting Schedule

The Community Advisory Committee meets at 5:30p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of each month.


If you are interested in becoming a committee member or would like to provide input, please call Jennifer Strudwick at (828) 250-6519 or email at

Social Work Advisory Committee

Meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at the County Administration Building, 200 College St., Asheville, NC 28801. (More info)


  1. Ensure the Board has information to advocate for the improvement of Social Work Services within Buncombe County
  2. Evaluate program needs; develop and recommend action-oriented strategies
  3. Recommend priorities for advocacy and engage the broader community in support of established Social Work Services priorities
  4. Serve as conduit to HHS Board for budget, policy, fee setting and program recommendations.


Name Organization
Brian Alexander Homeward Bound
Candrice Thull Asheville City Schools
Carey Gibson Community Child Protection Team
Christina McEntee ad hoc
Cynthia Barlow Buncombe County Planning
David Thompson Buncombe County Schools
Donald Reuss Western Highlands Network
Gene Bell Asheville Housing Authority
Jennifer Nehlsen Guardian ad Litem
Jennifer Wehe Community Care of WNC
Julie Klipp Nicholson Pisgah Legal Services
Katherine Foster Consumer/Parent Representative
Lance Edwards United Way
LeeAnne Tucker Land of Sky
Linda Kendall Fields Community
Nelle Gregory ad hoc
Rich Munger ad hoc
Sharon West VA Medical Center
Sylvia Clement Dept of Juvenile Justice
Wendy Marsh Council on Aging

Public Health Advisory Committee

Meets monthly at the County Administration Building, 200 College St., Asheville, NC 28801. (More info)


  1. Receive and evaluate community health assessment data and other relevant information to determine priority health issues for Buncombe County. Assist in community engagement activities to assure broad input into priority setting.
  2. Ensure the Board has information to assist with the goal to promote public health through prevention, environmental and policy changes, evidence-based strategies and assurance of access to health care
  3. Assist in the development of strong partnerships within the community to support efforts related to established priority health issues
  4. Ensure that the Board has information to assist in the goal to protect the public's health from communicable/infectious diseases
  5. Evaluate the need for adoption or amendment of local health rules or ordinances and make recommendations to the Board
  6. Ensure the Board has information to assist with the goal to protect and improve the environment; promote public health by creating an awareness of our relationship to the environment, and creating community and political action.
  7. Make recommendations to the Board for action items related to environmental issues including water quality, solid waste, air quality, conservation of our resources and the impact of initiatives on our economic and social structure.
  8. Serve as conduit to HHS Board for budget, policy, fee setting and program recommendations.


Name Organization
Allison Jordan Children First
Ann Von Brock United Way
Beth Maczka YWCA
Carrie Runser-Turner Land of Sky Regional Council
Charlie Jackson ASAP
Charlie Schoenheit Western Highlands LME
Dave Gardner NC Center for Health and Wellness
Don Locke Center for Diversity Education
Hank Dunn AB Tech
Julie Mayfield WNC Alliance
Kit Cramer Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
Paul Vest YMCA
Randy Hammer Asheville Citizen Times
Richard Hudspeth Community Care of WNC
Richard Oliver NC Regional Vet Lab/ HHS Board
Sonya Greck Mission Health System
Stephanie Kiser Board Member
Susanne Swanger Buncombe County Schools, HHS Board
Terry Bellamy ARC of Buncombe County
Tim Johnson Sisters of Mercy

Other Boards & Committees

Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission

Description: To provide forum for community leaders and stakeholders to identify and illuminate local issues regarding drug and alcohol abuse.

Downloads: P.A.G.E. 1 (Prevent, Act, Grow, Engage): Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission Annual Report (PDF)

Asheville-Buncombe Homeless Initiative Advisory Committee

Description: Oversees the 10-Year Plan implementation process, which will end chronic homelessness and reduce all types of homelessness over the next decade by investing resources in a coordinated, sustained effort that addresses the underlying causes of homelessness. (More Info)

Meeting Date: 3rd Monday of every month


Hard to House Summit

Buncombe County hosted a Hard to House Summit on November 16, 2012, sponsored by the Asheville-Buncombe Homeless Initiative Advisory Committee. Forty-two community stakeholders and leaders in housing from the community attended. The Hard to House population consists of chronically homeless persons, who typically suffer from mental illness and/or addiction and have failed in existing housing options. Participants reviewed the accomplishments to date and heard from State and National experts. The afternoon focused on a problem-solving discussion to identify possible next steps for our community. Conference handouts and presentations are posted here: