Villager Program

"It takes the whole village to raise a child."

Villager is a program originally designed in 1999 as a sponsorship effort to supplement the Buncombe County Social Work Services - Children & Family Services cost incurred by foster parents and caregivers in raising children in foster care.

A sponsor, or "Village" (any individual, family, organization, group, or congregation) may commit to providing incidental financial support for a child in foster care for a period of one year, which may be extended if the sponsor is able to do so.

"Incidental financial support" may take the following forms

  • Allowance for clothing when needed
  • Allowance for school supplies or other incidentals (uniform, instruments, etc.)
  • Tuition for summer camp
  • Tuition for lessons (music, sports, etc.)
  • Help with paying for some medical procedures not covered by other funding sources
  • Any other assistance negotiated by the child's social worker and the Village which fulfills the child's needs and for which no other assistance is available