Buncombe County Employment

Job TitleEnvironmental Health Specialist - On-Site
AgencyHealth Center
Salary Range$48,623 - $50,811
Job LocationBuncombe County Health & Human Services/Environmental Health
Closing Date6/3/2015
Job Details

General Statement of Duties
The primary purpose of this position is to protect, promote, and advance the general public health of the visitors and citizens of Buncombe County through the enforcement of applicable laws, rules and regulations governing ground absorption sewage treatment, private water supplies and the abatement of public health nuisances through a network of environmental health programs within the Buncombe County Health Center. (#2638)


Special Requirements
Registration is required by the North Carolina Board of Sanitarian Examiners under provisions of Chapter 90A of the General Statutes of North Carolina. Educational requirements in accordance with Chapter 90A must be obtained each calendar year to renew registration annually in order to maintain Registered Environmental Health Specialist status. 

Examples of Work
Enforce the laws, rules and regulations mandated by the state, assuring a safe and sanitary method of sewage disposal where public facilities are not available. Investigate environmental related complaints and health related nuisances. Conduct site/soil evaluations and issues permits to determine suitability for septic tank systems and approved the installation of a ground absorption septic tank system. Perform inspections on sewage systems designs, and assists with inspections of all large or alternative systems and assists with inspections of engineered septic tank systems under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, on-site water protection branch. Inspect private water supply systems, collects water samples and other materials for laboratory test, interprets test results, informs the applicant and takes appropriate action. Serve as a consultant to assist applicants with proper maintenance and protection of water supplies and assure that recommended standards regarding such supplies are being maintained. Investigate a broad spectrum of environmental complaints and health related nuisances, provide recommendations and enforcement procedures are implemented to abate applicable situations. Perform general administrative and clerical work as required, including preparing reports and correspondence, attending meetings, scheduling, consulting, planning, copying and filing documents, entering and retrieving computer data, assembling materials, sending and receiving faxes, answering the telephone, technical research, compiling data for reports, preparing mailings and miscellaneous duties.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Ability to interpret and enforce state and local laws and rules. Ability to understand and use engineering, technical, and specialized information. Ability to analyze and comprehend a variety of technical and administrative regulation, records, and reports. Ability to set priorities, implement changes and organize. Ability to exercise sound judgment and deal tactfully with a wide range of the public while enforcing public health laws and rules. Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision. Interact professionally and courteously with other employees, customers and partners. Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments. Understand the necessity to efficiently and effectively interact, communicate and coordinate work efforts with other employees and organizations in an effective manner to accomplish common task. Function in highly stressful circumstances. Maintain a high level of professionalism and to conduct business in an ethical manner at all times. Ability to safely and successfully perform the essential job functions consistent with ADA and ADAAA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards. Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with ADA and ADAAA, FMLA and other federal state and local standards

Minimum Education and Experience
Graduation from a four-year college or university with 30 semester of course work in the physical or biological sciences and two years of exposure in environmental health; or a four-year or Master’s degree in environmental health from a program which is accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Environmental Health Curricula of the National Environmental Health Association and one year of experience in environmental health. 

Additional Information
All applicants will be given credit only for information provided in response to this announcement. No additional information will be solicited or considered by this office; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training, and experience. Applicants will not automatically be given credit based on their position title. If work history involves part time work, you must state the number of hours per week to receive credit. 

ATTENTION LIFEGUARDS: Buncombe County pools are now under the management of Swim Club Management.  Applicants interested in working at the pools should apply on their website at lifeguardasheville.com, or contact Sarah McKenzie at (828) 348-4770.

How can I apply for County Employment?

Applications are accepted for posted position vacancies only. Please apply online. Paper applications are not accepted.

The full application package contains the Buncombe County application for employment, work history continuation sheet, Buncombe County authorization for release of personal and confidential information and the Buncombe County drug screening through urinalysis applicant consent form.

A college transcript must accompany applications for Social Worker positions. Please attach a copy or have your college send one to:

Buncombe County Human Resources
200 College Street, Suite 403
Asheville, NC 28801

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  • Resumes are not accepted in place of applications and will not be accepted via e-mail. A resume may accompany a completed application for a posted vacancy.
  • Drug screen consent & personal information release documents are required with all applications.
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  • Be sure to indicate on the application the specific position for which you are applying.